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Super veggies

I’ve never grown anything before (aside from a daffodil in primary school), so I’ve been shocked by how fast and well my courgettes, carrots and basil have been growing.

I don’t think the picture shows just how big the courgette plant leaves are! I’ve also got quite a few left in the propagator waiting to be potted up, but I need more soil!

Aside from gardening, I’ve been working on finishing my vintage jumper and since I’m on the final few sleeve repeats it shouldn’t be long until I can sew it up and finally show a FO! I’m also contemplating making a simple dress for my cousin but need to find some fun fabric which might be a bit tricky.
I really feel like sewing at the moment, so I think I’m going to go and work on my strawberry dress and with any luck it’ll be ready for when (if!) the warmer weather comes.


Vintage patterns

I went to my local vintage shop the other day and found a box of vintage sewing and knitting patterns. There were lots of 70’s-90’s sewing patterns and not much else, but I managed to find a few 40’s-50’s knitting patterns. I got all of these for just £3!

There are Stitchcraft magazines from May 1942, April 1945 and February 1947.

I also got a lovely fairisle jumper pattern and a dinky annual digest which has about 4 patterns in and adverts for others. I’m so pleased I actually managed to find something good in that shop for once!

Vintage Burda

While messing around on the internet trying to put off doing a huge Russian translation I came across a site that has scanned issues of Burda from 1950-1988. It seems like not all of the magazines have their full content, but they’re still fun to look at.

I just love dirndls!

These are apparently ‘mumsy’ clothes. Could’ve fooled me!

I only went up to the late 50’s, but there are decades of fashion on this site. The website is Russian, but it’s easy to navigate. It’s also amazing to see how much advertising Burda used to have, and how many of the brands are still around today.
Now I’ve finished my work I can finally start planning my summer sewing!

Pink delights

After saying how quickly my jumper was going my progress seemed to really slow down! I’m finally done with the back and have started on the 31 rows of K1, P1 ribbing for the front!

It cannot fail back

Aside from that I’ve been translating some fairly boring texts, but my day was brightened by tea and a hot cross bun! At least my mum’s orchids brighten up the place.

Boo translation, yay hot cross bun

It seems like I’ve got a colour scheme going. Pinkish top, pink laptop, pink orchids even a pink camera!

Surprisingly fast progress

I thought the ‘It Cannot Fail to Please’ jumper would go really slowly, but it’s surprisingly easy to get through. I’ve just started on the armhole shaping. I added an extra repeat to make it (hopefully) long enough in the body.

Cannot fail to please

I’m really enjoying knitting this. On a completely random note we’ve had some amazing sunsets here lately. I took a picture of one a few days ago, and sadly my camera wasn’t quite up to getting all the colours, but the picture still shows the beautiful purple and orange contrasts.

Burning sky


I’ve started on the “It cannot fail to please” sweater. The K1,P1 ribbing took quite a while and I’m still a bit concerned about my gauge. I’ve decided not to go up to 3.25mm needles and am going to knit the whole thing in 2.5mm. So far I’ve done 1 pattern repeat. It’s a very simple pattern really, no difficult stitches or anything.

cannot fail 2

cannot fail 1



A stitch in time

I ordered myself some lovely new yarn from Colourmart. It’s made up of 45% cotton, 20% viscose, 15% merino, 15% angora and 5% cashmere. I got 4 150g cones in 2 colours: a purple-pink and a light blue. I’ve been wanting to make some of the lovely jumpers from “A Stitch in Time” for ages now, so I’ve finally started.

I’m making this one in the pinkey colour

it cannot fail to please

rosado mel

And this one in the light blue

such a debonair little jumper

celeste mel

I think I’m going to have to lengthen both of them to make sure they’re really wearable. I’ve also got to sort out my wardrobe and decide precisely what things I’ll be making this year, in what colours etc. But I reckon these jumpers will give me something to do for quite some time. 4 ply on 2.5mm needles!