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Finally some FO’s!

I haven’t been doing much crafting lately, but a few days ago I did a push to finish some projects. I finished Veyla and just need some tiny buttons for them now.

I particularly like the cuff detail.

I also finished the majority of my Heart mittens . All that’s left are the ‘afterthought’ thumbs. But who needs mittens in the summer anyway?

My yarn arrived for my Coraline cardigan. I’m hoping my gauge won’t be too off with Drops Alpaca.
I’ve also ordered a giant pot for dyeing, so I’ll hopefully be posting pictures of my first dye lots pretty soon!


Birthday goodies

It was my 23rd birthday a few days ago, and I got some lovely presents. I received a voucher for Loop and a Moomin purse which was great.


It  reminded me that I wanted to try and crochet a moomin soonish.

I’ve also been attempting to grow some fruit and veg on my small balcony. My mum bought me 2 little starter pots for strawberries and tomatoes. The tomatoes have grown so quickly I really need to re-pot them and put them outside soon.

Strawb, tomato

I really like the tiny strawberry seedlings

Baby strawberry shoots

I’ve also finished 1 Veyla mitt. It was so quick to finish I wish I’d done it last year! It took me around 2 hours, maybe even less to finish it. It still needs a thumb, but I’ve started on the other one too. Got to get them finished before it’s too warm to even bother wearing them!


Tonight I’ll be going to my second ever Stitch London meeting and I’ve volunteered to teach one or two people the absolute basics of knitting. I’ve got no idea what project I’m going to take to work on, but I sure have enough WIP’s to get through!


I started these mitts when I was in Spain last summer. I got through 1 cuff, started 1 mitt and then realised that it really would be better to block the cuff before continuing. So, I left them and forgot about them. The other day I went through my massive box of knitting supplies aka the box of forgotten projects, and decided to finish them in time for spring. I started, and finished, the left cuff yesterday and they’re blocking today. Hopefully I can start the actual mitt tomorrow!

Veyla cuffs

Another leafy project!

Veyla cuff

Then there will be the challenge of deciding which colour buttons to find. I’m thinking yellow or maybe I’ll be bold and go for orange?

And just in case anyone’s interested the pattern is: Veyla by Ysolda Teague