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First knit for autumn

I’ve been in love with the Aidez pattern since I saw it over a year ago. I would’ve made it, except that the amount of yarn it takes would have cost a lot. Then I found some Cascade Eco online and since it only takes 2 skeins I took the plunge. As you can see they’re pretty chunky!

I decided to make the whole thing as seamless as possible, so trawled through Ravelry and read the advice on there. Even though this has cables it’s been very fast to get through. The only problem is row 13 on the main cable chart which should read hold to the back, not the front if you want a real lattice pattern, but that’s noted on the errata.

I’m hoping the raglan sleeve decreases go well. I’m making a size 36 but haven’t taken out the side selvedge stitches, so should end up with a 37″ ish size. I’m also making the sleeves a few sizes larger because lots of people said they came up small for them. I should have the cardigan finished over the next week or so. Now I’ve just got to figure out what I need to sew for autumn/winter.


Back of the cupboard

I’ve dug out a couple more hibernating projects today. The first one is a cushion cover I’m planning to give to my boyfriend’s brother and his wife on their 1st wedding anniversary next Christmas. I want to embroider the front with hearts, their initials and wedding date. The back is just going to be seed stitch to give it some texture with a button closure up the top. I laid it on top of a cushion at home and the good news is that it’s pretty much cushion sized, so that’s a good start!

wedding cushion

A part of the next project has been posted on here before, but he was added to a little bit before being left half-made! He now has a body, arms, ears, tummy patch and a tail.



Poor little fox. All he needs is a muzzle, some eyes and legs. I like that his tail is so thick, so he can actually pretty much stay upright.

So by now I’m sure it’s becoming clear just how many unfinished projects I have on the go! Let alone my yarn box which is full of left overs, brand new balls just waiting to be made into the hat I’d planned on making 2 years ago etc. I’m going to have to get through some of these before I let myself buy or start anything new!

Surprisingly fast progress

I thought the ‘It Cannot Fail to Please’ jumper would go really slowly, but it’s surprisingly easy to get through. I’ve just started on the armhole shaping. I added an extra repeat to make it (hopefully) long enough in the body.

Cannot fail to please

I’m really enjoying knitting this. On a completely random note we’ve had some amazing sunsets here lately. I took a picture of one a few days ago, and sadly my camera wasn’t quite up to getting all the colours, but the picture still shows the beautiful purple and orange contrasts.

Burning sky

All knitted out!

I worked myself ragged trying to get the wedding cushion cover done before I came to Germany. It didn’t pay off, and now I’ve had a break from knitting to recover and had to translate more to up my bank balance a bit.
Must remember next year to plan ahead at least 3-4 months in advance. That would allow knitting and sewing time. As it is I’ll have to be knitting over the Christmas period to finish up things to give to people as belated presents when I return!

Maybe I should just start on next Christmas in Febuary?

Never knit something nice before Christmas

When I finished my Ishbel my mum saw it blocking and fell in love with it and requested one for her Christmas present. Not only this, but she said my aunt would love one too! So now I’ve got to make two more.

Finished Ishbel

I love my Ishbel, but making two more in rapid succession might be pushing it.

I bought yarn from Holst Garn in Surf (left) and Peacock (right) for my mum and aunt respectively.

Holst Garn

Surf and peacock

I’m already finished with the first section A of my mum’s Ishbel. I’m also working on a wedding present which I’ll put up when it’s at least 1/2 finished.


I bought a skein of Madelinetosh sock from Loop ages ago and posted a picture of it in the Never-ending tunic post. I’ve finally started using it for the pattern I had always intended to make with it: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague. The pattern is lovely, versatile and so easy to knit. I started it on Tuesday and I’m already on section C. I had a few issues with the purl to knit YO’s, but this website Let me explaiKnit helped a lot.

Ishbel day 3

I can’t really stretch out my knitting because the needle isn’t long enough, but it’s taking shape very quickly

Ishbel day 3 detail

Although you can buy patterns individually from Ysolda’s website, or off Ravelry, I would definitely recommend buying her little books. I love nearly everything in them, and have made a few of them already. I’m also really looking forward to her new book¬† that seems like it’ll have more jumpers and cardigans than accessories and toys.

On a completely unrelated note, the other day we had fog! It’s not like I’ve never seen fog before, but it’s quite rare to get fog in central London. What would usually be a view to Battersea power station looked like this:

Tuesday view

You can’t even see the river properly, and this was after the fog had lifted quite a bit. Also, they’ve said on the news that this winter looks like it’ll be colder than last year (which was the coldest in 30+ years!). That just means more jumpers, mittens, scarves and hats to knit, yay!

Too many projects on the go!

I know I shouldn’t start too many new things, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I’ve started on a new summer dress (yup, I’m crazy!)

Newest project

I’m making view E (the yellow one), but in this strawberry fabric

Newest project

I’ve also been doing a little snood knitting in the evenings. It seems like it should be just about long enough, so I’ll start the decreases soon I think.


I also decided to use up the leftover ball of Rowan I’ve had lying around. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love hearts. So, that’s what I made. I just started knitting and thankfully it turned out pretty heart shaped!

Heart prototype

In due course I might put up the directions on here. It’s really easy and fast to make, so I’m thinking they’d be good for the Christmas tree.

I realised I never put up any pictures of the nightdress I made. This was the easiest and fastest thing to make! I think it took me less than an hour to sew together.


And in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s a heart in the back (told you I love them!). I used leftover material from an apron I’ve yet to embellish, to make it easier to distinguish between the front and back.

Nightdress detail

I rummaged through my growing knitting box earlier and dug out the Veyla mitts I started AGES ago (last year sometime?).¬† I’d started the main bit without blocking the cuff, so I ripped it back and will block before knitting. Hopefully it’ll be easier that way.

Veyla cuff

So now it’s back to Grant and Hepburn (yay!) and some old projects I’d put down and not come back to in a while.