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First knit for autumn

I’ve been in love with the Aidez pattern since I saw it over a year ago. I would’ve made it, except that the amount of yarn it takes would have cost a lot. Then I found some Cascade Eco online and since it only takes 2 skeins I took the plunge. As you can see they’re pretty chunky!

I decided to make the whole thing as seamless as possible, so trawled through Ravelry and read the advice on there. Even though this has cables it’s been very fast to get through. The only problem is row 13 on the main cable chart which should read hold to the back, not the front if you want a real lattice pattern, but that’s noted on the errata.

I’m hoping the raglan sleeve decreases go well. I’m making a size 36 but haven’t taken out the side selvedge stitches, so should end up with a 37″ ish size. I’m also making the sleeves a few sizes larger because lots of people said they came up small for them. I should have the cardigan finished over the next week or so. Now I’ve just got to figure out what I need to sew for autumn/winter.



I’ve got a new obsession – crochet. I did little bits before but over the past few days I’ve been doing hardly any knitting opting instead to crochet like a mad woman.
It started slowly with making a flower, then a hairband to attach the flower to and then for the hell of it another flower but this time in purple (pattern can be found here).
All those things were so quick to make I looked for bigger projects to conquer.
I decided to go for a cardigan (Drops 130-10) even though I’ve never followed a proper crochet pattern before and didn’t know half of the things on it. I started this on Friday.
Yoke & top of sleeves
I know I said I wouldn’t make anything else before I’ve finished other things, let alone the fact that it’s in lilac and everything I make seems to be blue, red or purple. I can only say I was in a new craft induced haze when I went out, purchased the yarn and started.
Yoke detail

Drops Winter 2010

I’ve recently had a look through the newest Drops patterns, and thought I’d share my favourites. My mum’s already requested this first one as a Christmas present. But she wants it in black and significantly shorter.


I quite like the foot stools, especially in the vibrant pink, but I don’t have any space for them in this tiny flat!


This jumper is at the front of my winter queue. I’m going to order the wool from SKD and do it with long sleeves.


I’m also quite liking this jumper. It looks nice and warm, but I don’t think I’d make it in white


My winter knitting pile is definitely mounting up! So far I need to finish my Coffee Tunic, make the cardigan for my mum, a vest for the boy, a jumper for myself, finish 2 pairs of mittens that I’ve got on the go and the lace shawl I’ve barely started! Phew! All that and attempt to do enough translation to live on. Good job my work is flexible!