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First knit for autumn

I’ve been in love with the Aidez pattern since I saw it over a year ago. I would’ve made it, except that the amount of yarn it takes would have cost a lot. Then I found some Cascade Eco online and since it only takes 2 skeins I took the plunge. As you can see they’re pretty chunky!

I decided to make the whole thing as seamless as possible, so trawled through Ravelry and read the advice on there. Even though this has cables it’s been very fast to get through. The only problem is row 13 on the main cable chart which should read hold to the back, not the front if you want a real lattice pattern, but that’s noted on the errata.

I’m hoping the raglan sleeve decreases go well. I’m making a size 36 but haven’t taken out the side selvedge stitches, so should end up with a 37″ ish size. I’m also making the sleeves a few sizes larger because lots of people said they came up small for them. I should have the cardigan finished over the next week or so. Now I’ve just got to figure out what I need to sew for autumn/winter.


Lots of blocking

The problem with having 2 fast and easy projects on the go at the same time, is that they’ll probably both need blocking at similar times too and I don’t have enough floor space. I’ve started by blocking my newest jumper so that I can assemble it and put on the collar easily. I really like the cable pattern on this, and the whole thing took me less than 2 weeks to make. Very easy to follow pattern too.

I also finished my 3rd Ishbel last night. I had enough of my hand dyed yarn to finish it, yay! I’ve even got a little bit left over that would make a nice accent on something small. Once again, I couldn’t be bothered to spend hours trying to capture the real bright green colour of the shawl, but will make the effort once it’s blocked!

In non-crafty news I went running outside for the first time in years, and thought it would be far harder than on the treadmill. Not only could I run for almost as long as I ever did on the machine, I actually ran a whopping 3km/h faster and therefore a bit further. There may be hope for me yet!

It’s pretty mad in London at the moment. Right now I can hear sirens, and that sums up what’s been going on. I saw a fire in the east end last night from my balcony. Looked like it was somewhere in Hackney or Canning Town, and if I can see it from here it must’ve been pretty huge. The smoke coming off it drifted all the way over St. Pauls and the London Eye. It’s amazing how little it takes for order to break down like this. Quite terrifying. What if something widespread like a natural disaster happened?!

Back of the cupboard

I’ve dug out a couple more hibernating projects today. The first one is a cushion cover I’m planning to give to my boyfriend’s brother and his wife on their 1st wedding anniversary next Christmas. I want to embroider the front with hearts, their initials and wedding date. The back is just going to be seed stitch to give it some texture with a button closure up the top. I laid it on top of a cushion at home and the good news is that it’s pretty much cushion sized, so that’s a good start!

wedding cushion

A part of the next project has been posted on here before, but he was added to a little bit before being left half-made! He now has a body, arms, ears, tummy patch and a tail.



Poor little fox. All he needs is a muzzle, some eyes and legs. I like that his tail is so thick, so he can actually pretty much stay upright.

So by now I’m sure it’s becoming clear just how many unfinished projects I have on the go! Let alone my yarn box which is full of left overs, brand new balls just waiting to be made into the hat I’d planned on making 2 years ago etc. I’m going to have to get through some of these before I let myself buy or start anything new!

Dr G vest

I started on this vest in December, got through the ribbing and then put it down. Over the past few days I’ve been working on it every day and grappling with the cable chart is so much easier when you get into the swing of it and keep at it!
Dr G vest
As you can see, I’ve already had a hiccup with the cabling. Do not attempt to watch TV when on the cable row! It annoys me that it won’t look perfect, but I’m certainly not going to rib back that far. I think this will just have to be the back and the mistake will make it unique!


The grey seed stitch scarf I’m making for my boyfriend just refuses to be finished! I got through the first cone, but it didn’t seem long enough, so now I’m working my way through the second. Seed stitch seems to take me forever!

Bf scarf1

I’ve also made some headway with the Coffee Tunic. I’ve divided for front and back and finished the back piece.

Coffe tunic divided

Just another 5″ or so to go and then it’s on to the ribbing. I’m also thinking, since I’ve got so much of the brown yarn left, that I might make it a long sleeved jumper.

Coffee tunic back

For now it’s back to K1, P1!