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Crafty catch-up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I’ve got quite a few FO’s to show off over the next few posts.
Summer in London has been crap so I haven’t been inspired to make anything summery. My first FO is the Cadence jumper. I made it using the yarn from my Darcy cardigan that I frogged. I made the sleeves a bit longer than called for and was worried I wouldn’t have enough to finish it, but when it was all made up I still had most of 1 ball left! Super easy pattern and it took me around a week to finish.

Next up is the crocheted bunny bookmark. I was bored one rainy weekend and made the bunny in an hour or so.

Next time I’ll update on the hats I’ve finished and my lace shawl progress.


Even more crafts!

I was going through my stash the other day and found some black and red yarn. This of course meant ladybird! I found a free pattern from Lions Yarn and crocheted away until I’d finished a little ladybird amigurumi in just a few hours.

I even learnt a new snazzy way of starting my amigurumi’s so that I can chain 6 and then pull the leftover yarn into a tight circle. It makes things look far neater.

Then today I was struck by the urge to do yet another craft. Not crochet, knitting, sewing or even cross stitch, but embroidery. So I dug out my old cross stitch and found the leftover threads, used my scrap sewing fabric and started sewing.

I used the rough pattern from Doodle stitching, but did it by eye. I quite like it, but it definitely needs more bursts of colour, a colourful gnome perhaps? Maybe embroidery could make up for my complete lack of artistic talent!

Foxy McGee and fabrics galore

I finally found my orange yarn and finished my fox amigurumi. My mum’s been reminding me about finishing him for ages; it seems she really likes my little crocheted toys. So I’m going to leave him nestled in one of her plants to give her a surprise.
Foxy McGee
The pattern can be found here.
Finishing him off was a nice break from knitting my vintage jumper which is taking quite a long time! I think after I finally finish it I’ll have to do a nice quick project!
The other day my mum gave me a pile of fabrics which she bought in the 80’s to have made into dresses for herself. So I picked out some, and though they’re mostly not my style I still want to make them into some nice summery clothes for myself.
There are 4 in total. All are silk except for the yellow and white floral print which is cotton.
I think the yellow floral would make a nice vintage style summer dress and I hope there’s enough for a fairly full skirt.

The blue one’s not really my style, and the more I look at it it reminds me of a dalmatian’s spots, but maybe once it’s made up it’ll look better! I have no idea what to do with the brown silk, and there’s loads of it too. Apparently it was used in an opera and they had a lot left over, so they gave it to my mum. I think it’s more of a wintery fabric anyway. Any pattern suggestions for the fabrics?


I’ve got a new obsession – crochet. I did little bits before but over the past few days I’ve been doing hardly any knitting opting instead to crochet like a mad woman.
It started slowly with making a flower, then a hairband to attach the flower to and then for the hell of it another flower but this time in purple (pattern can be found here).
All those things were so quick to make I looked for bigger projects to conquer.
I decided to go for a cardigan (Drops 130-10) even though I’ve never followed a proper crochet pattern before and didn’t know half of the things on it. I started this on Friday.
Yoke & top of sleeves
I know I said I wouldn’t make anything else before I’ve finished other things, let alone the fact that it’s in lilac and everything I make seems to be blue, red or purple. I can only say I was in a new craft induced haze when I went out, purchased the yarn and started.
Yoke detail

Grandma hearts

Yesterday I finally got my laptop back and now I can actually use it without the power cord or an extra mouse plugged in. Free from the constraints of sitting at my mother’s computer in the hallway I raided my knitting box, found some unused red yarn and went to lay down on my bed and search Ravelry for inspiration. I decided I could do with some more crochet practice and saw this pattern for ‘Grandma hearts’. The whole tutorial has stage by stage instructions and corresponding pictures so I managed to finish it really quickly.
Grandma crochet heart
I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think it’ll be used as a hanging decoration, although my mum suggested making loads of them and turning them into a blanket. Somehow I don’t think that’ll be happening soon, especially not after looking in my stash and looking at the masses of projects I’ve got already. I do love how quickly you can finish crochet projects though!

Rainy days

After one day of lovely sunshine we’re back to the rain today. Since I’ve been spending most of my crafting time working on the boy’s vest, I decided I needed some smaller projects to mindlessly work on when I get tired in the evenings.
Up until a few days ago I could only do single crochet, and badly. Now I’ve learned how to do double and treble crochet too.
I made a neckwarmer that, like all my neckwarmers, needs buttons. I did a simple pattern of single crochet, double crochet.


I think the pattern looks kind of floral, like roses.


During tiding and dusting the other day I thought it would be useful to have a little container to put my hair ties, accessories and earrings in. So I looked on Ravelry for a pattern and found a crocheted box. It’s all single crochet, so really simple, and I’ve already made one side. I’m going to fold the top down a little bit and might add edging in another colour.

Basket side1

It’s back to the Dr. G vest for me though. I’ m up to the armhole shaping on the back (I’ve made it extra long), but I’m going to have to work on it for hours a day to get it finished in time!