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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Another quick project & too much on the go

Last week I finished another little project that took about 2 days to finish. I originally wanted to use this yarn to make a bobble scarf, but got bored with that quickly. It’s been in my knitting box for about 2 years now, so I frogged it and made it into a ribby scarf for winter. It was so simple to make, I just watched Skavlan while knitting it. I was actually quite pleased with how much I could understand, but I still find Swedish the easiest to understand and Danish easier to speak!

I decided I wanted to do another colourwork project, so I ordered Icelandic Lett Lopi yarn and have already started on my Aftur jumper. I’m hoping it’ll be done in time for Scandinavia.

I’ve also been working on some sewing. I’ve wanted a Kasia skirt from Burda for ages now, and have had the fabric sitting in a box. So the other day I stuck the pattern together, traced the pieces and am ready to make a mock-up just to see how it fits. I’ve gone with hips being 2 sizes larger than my waist, so hopefully that will work but we’ll see!

I’ll be using this dark blue fabric, which thankfully has stretch in it, so fitting should be slightly easier. I’m still not sure whether to do contrasting pockets, or whether to put the zip in the back instead of the front. Decisions!


Quick work

I started my Selbu modern on Wednesday and finished it on Thursday evening! I’ve already blocked it on a plate and I’ve even woven in all the ends. I love the colours and I’m so pleased none came out on my hands or needles, or even during blocking. The colour is nice and solid, and I’m pretty proud of it! The colours are truest in the first picture, bright yellow and blue.

I’ll hopefully get a picture of me actually wearing the hat when the weather turns a bit colder!

This pattern was so easy to follow and reminded me how much I love colourwork. Another good thing is that I only used 25g of each colour, so I’ve got most of the 100g balls left for another Swedishy coloured project.

I also finished work on my Coraline over a week ago, but have yet to kitchener stitch the underarms and weave in all the ends. It’s going to need pretty strong blocking too, just to get the kinks out of the alpaca and get the smocking to show up nicely.

Stash busting

Well I haven’t disappeared off to Denmark. I realised my heart wasn’t in it, and the people who I would be working for didn’t seem too enthusiastic about my presence anyway!
I’ll still be going to Copenhagen at the end of the month though, and to Norway after that. Getting ready to go made me figure out what knitting to take. I raided my box and decided I had to use up some of the yarn in there.

I came up with 3 balls of Holst Garn, which I decided I could make into the Dream Stripes shawl.

I have 2 balls of Wolle Rödel Siena yarn in purple and mustard that are going to be made into Bird mittens

And my latest hand-dyed yarns in bright yellow and royal blue will be used to make a Swedishy Selbu modern hat

That should keep me occupied for a few days at least, while I finish sewing up and blocking my Coraline cardigan.