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Monthly Archives: September 2011


So I’m back from Spain. It was so hot, 35+ celsius every day. It’s nice to be back! I got to go to Montserrat for the first time and it’s really beautiful up there. There’s a tram that goes up the mountain, although when we got to the top it looked like some people had walked or even run up there! I climbed this angel monument before I saw the sign asking people not to, oh well!

Since I’ve been back I’ve been working on my vintage jumper and I’ve nearly finished the 1st sleeve after having to rip back to the ribbing when I realised I’d made a mistake the first time around.

I’ve also been going through my wardrobe. I bought this pencil skirt from River Island about 3 years ago, but still haven’t worn it. It fits on my hips, but if I wear it as a high-waisted skirt like it’s supposed to be it’s about 3″ too big. The perils of having 13″ difference between waist and hips – everything fits one or the other but never both! If I pull it down further the skirt doesn’t flare out properly.

So I decided to pin it at the side seams and put my own darts in so it’ll fit my waist.

How is it that my camera can pick up fluff I can’t see, but can’t manage to capture colours properly?!

I’ll be in Denmark for all of October and will mainly be going through Aarhus, Hobro and Copenhagen, so if anyone has any recommendations for shops, sights, restaurants etc. they’d be much appreciated!
Then in November I’ll be flying to Norway and visiting Oslo, staying in Gjøvik and hopefully seeing some other places nearby. So again, please send any recommendations my way!