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For the past few days I’ve been trying to make a list of the things I want to make by the end of the year. I even started thinking about Christmas presents I could make for my cousin’s kids (thank God baby clothes are quick projects!). My queue of things to make for myself is so huge it’s been really difficult to whittle it down and decide on a few that I can probably finish by the end of the year.
For the newest family addition I’m thinking a little cardigan like this

This dress is a potential candidate for the 6 year old girl. So that leaves me with a boisterous 9 year old girl and a squishy 2 year old boy to find cute things for.
As far as things for me, I know I’m not going to be able to resist some Nordic jumpers. I haven’t done colourwork in a while now and I love it!

I really want to make this jumper but I’ll have to try and find the pattern book when I’m in Scandinavia.
I’ve been planning to make a Still Light Tunic for ages now. I doubt it’ll suit my body shape, but even if I only wear it indoors, it looks like it’ll be really comfy.

So that’s plenty to be getting on with! Aside from that there are several Drops jumpers I want to make, all of Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague and about a hundred other projects that I know I won’t get through by Christmas.


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I'm an avid knitter and i've just started writing my own designs. I'll be posting my designs and general crafty goodness.

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  1. Oh, you’re going to Scandinavia to buy a Marius pattern? That’s nice 🙂
    Lots of nice projects in your queue, btw. And have a nice trip!

  2. Horse riding and knitting in Denmark sounds amazeball. Lovely projects in your queue.

  3. Oh, I live close to Gjøvik, in Lillehammer. Tell me if you’re coming here!


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