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Lots of blocking

The problem with having 2 fast and easy projects on the go at the same time, is that they’ll probably both need blocking at similar times too and I don’t have enough floor space. I’ve started by blocking my newest jumper so that I can assemble it and put on the collar easily. I really like the cable pattern on this, and the whole thing took me less than 2 weeks to make. Very easy to follow pattern too.

I also finished my 3rd Ishbel last night. I had enough of my hand dyed yarn to finish it, yay! I’ve even got a little bit left over that would make a nice accent on something small. Once again, I couldn’t be bothered to spend hours trying to capture the real bright green colour of the shawl, but will make the effort once it’s blocked!

In non-crafty news I went running outside for the first time in years, and thought it would be far harder than on the treadmill. Not only could I run for almost as long as I ever did on the machine, I actually ran a whopping 3km/h faster and therefore a bit further. There may be hope for me yet!

It’s pretty mad in London at the moment. Right now I can hear sirens, and that sums up what’s been going on. I saw a fire in the east end last night from my balcony. Looked like it was somewhere in Hackney or Canning Town, and if I can see it from here it must’ve been pretty huge. The smoke coming off it drifted all the way over St. Pauls and the London Eye. It’s amazing how little it takes for order to break down like this. Quite terrifying. What if something widespread like a natural disaster happened?!


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I'm an avid knitter and i've just started writing my own designs. I'll be posting my designs and general crafty goodness.

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  1. This jumper is stunning. I can’t wait to see it finished!


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