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Monthly Archives: July 2011

New projects and activities

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my progress on a shawl using my hand dyed bright green yarn. I got to row 90 of 110 and realised there was no way I was going to have enough to finish. So I frogged it and started yet another Ishbel shawl instead! As usual, my camera seems to hate capturing the real colour of the green.

I’ve also been working on I heart Aran. I was about half way through making a cabled vest for my ex, so decided to frog that and use the yarn to make something nice for myself! I’ve already made the back and have started work on the front which is the cabled part.

In other news I’ve managed to keep going to the gym and can run a little bit more than I could before and cycle faster and further. I also tried sailing for the first time yesterday and it was so fun! Definitely want to do that again. Next week I’ll hopefully be wall climbing for the first time, and in August doing archery. So many activities to try!


Knit Nation

This weekend I went to Knit Nation for the first time. There was so much stuff to look at that I completely forgot I had my camera, and only remembered when I was upstairs in the cafe.

I bought 5 skeins of undyed yarn (90% wool, 10% nylon) for a real bargain, 2 skeins of beautifully dyed yarn. The first one’s from Nimu yarns and the sparkly yarn is from Krafty Koala.

I also got my book signed by Ysolda who had a setup in the cafe where you could meet her and try on samples of her designs.

I also met Susan Crawford who was talking about her new book of vintage patterns coming out in September. It was a great day, even after struggling through the rain to get there. I’ll definitely be going next year, but hopefully with a larger budget to splurge on all the pretty things!

Bitten by the bug

I tried dyeing and I loved it. I just about waited for my first ever dyed yarn to dry before casting on. I’m making Damson shawl out of it, and I hope I’ll have just about enough.

Then yesterday I hit the kitchen again. This time I attempted a green blue mix. The only problem is that my green dye seems to be really dominant, so the skein came out greener than I’d hoped. I still like it though.
Hand-dyed 2
Not content with that for a days dyeing I opened my pot of pink and dyed my last skein of sock weight. To me it looks a bit more red than pink, but I guess if I watered down the solution it would come out lighter.
Hand-dyed 3
So now I’ve only got a skein of aran left and some mohair! I think I might try one in just blue and the other will be a complete colour experiment, I could even aim for purple! After this though I’m definitely going to have to buy more undyed yarn, dyes and fixers!
On another note Knit Nation’s this weekend! Even though I’ve got too much yarn (mostly from what I’ve been dyeing) I’m going to have to buy some Wollmeise. I’ve never had any and I just need it.

First attempt at dyeing

I’ve been wanting to try yarn dyeing for ages now, and ordered my tester dye set a while ago. The only problem was finding a fairly cheap stainless steel pot to use, but thankfully I found a huge one on Amazon. It can hold 19 litres, not that I’d be able to lift it!
I bought an undyed mystery pack from Fyberspates and took the plunge today in testing out all my new goodies.
I washed the yarn, soaked in the mordant fixer for a while and then started the actual dyeing.

Giant pot was at the ready.

I had my instructions, equipment and mixed up a jam jar of dye to the colour I wanted.

And this is what I ended up with!

The colour isn’t showing up well on my camera, no matter how much I change the lighting settings. It’s a bright emerald green (like Madelinetosh’s Seaglass). It’s just what I’ve been looking for for ages! So now I’m going to make it into a small shawl. I’ll finally have something green in my wardrobe!

Finally some FO’s!

I haven’t been doing much crafting lately, but a few days ago I did a push to finish some projects. I finished Veyla and just need some tiny buttons for them now.

I particularly like the cuff detail.

I also finished the majority of my Heart mittens . All that’s left are the ‘afterthought’ thumbs. But who needs mittens in the summer anyway?

My yarn arrived for my Coraline cardigan. I’m hoping my gauge won’t be too off with Drops Alpaca.
I’ve also ordered a giant pot for dyeing, so I’ll hopefully be posting pictures of my first dye lots pretty soon!