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Foxy McGee and fabrics galore

I finally found my orange yarn and finished my fox amigurumi. My mum’s been reminding me about finishing him for ages; it seems she really likes my little crocheted toys. So I’m going to leave him nestled in one of her plants to give her a surprise.
Foxy McGee
The pattern can be found here.
Finishing him off was a nice break from knitting my vintage jumper which is taking quite a long time! I think after I finally finish it I’ll have to do a nice quick project!
The other day my mum gave me a pile of fabrics which she bought in the 80’s to have made into dresses for herself. So I picked out some, and though they’re mostly not my style I still want to make them into some nice summery clothes for myself.
There are 4 in total. All are silk except for the yellow and white floral print which is cotton.
I think the yellow floral would make a nice vintage style summer dress and I hope there’s enough for a fairly full skirt.

The blue one’s not really my style, and the more I look at it it reminds me of a dalmatian’s spots, but maybe once it’s made up it’ll look better! I have no idea what to do with the brown silk, and there’s loads of it too. Apparently it was used in an opera and they had a lot left over, so they gave it to my mum. I think it’s more of a wintery fabric anyway. Any pattern suggestions for the fabrics?


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  1. the little crocheted animal is so cute! i LOVE your previous post about the fashion from “Marie Antoinette”. That’s one of the reasons why that film is one of my favorites! my favorite gowns are the dark pink silk and lacey black one she wears to the opera with the sparkling diamond earrings and her birthday party frock. i also love du berry’s more exotic and creative ensembles and the romantic frocks marie antoinette wears at her country estate. i can’t decide which type of marie antoinette’s clothes i like better: the fancy gilded court dress or the carefree more naturalistic country attire! both are so wonderful! the gowns in that movie really symbolize my style: du berry’s outfits represent my exotic eclectic creativity, marie antoinette’s court gowns stand for my girly over the top side, and her relaxed and simplistic country dresses symbolize my love for bohemian and “flower children” types of clothes. this comment is getting too long though! i will stop philosophizing about this movie!


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