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I started this cardigan in March 2009.

Mrs Darcy

I made it up last summer and have never found buttons for it. I tried it on today and decided I just don’t think it’s flattering on me. 6 skeins of lovely bright red Rowan went into it and I’ve still got 1 left over.

I’m seriously considering frogging it and making it into something else that I’d be more likely to wear. It was the first garment I ever made so it’s not that well done, and there are some lovely patterns out there that I could make it into instead.

I could make ‘Vivian’ by Ysolda Teague

Or ‘Vaila’ by Gudrun Johnston

Or even the Drops jumper I liked from their last winter collection


There are so many lovely patterns out there. How’s a girl to choose?


About fredericaknits

I'm an avid knitter and i've just started writing my own designs. I'll be posting my designs and general crafty goodness.

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  1. I made that cardigan – it’s the Mrs Darcy, isn’t it? And you know what, I’ve never worn it. There’s something about the shaping of the front that doesn’t suit my chest – it draws a lot of attention to certain parts of my body. I keep meaning to frog it and never have so I feel your pain.

  2. I do love my green Vaila! Would look great in red too 🙂


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