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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Marie Antoinette

I watched Marie Antoinette again today. I wouldn’t watch it if it weren’t for the costumes as they really are amazing. 18th century dresses are definitely my favourites, although I admittedly love other eras too. I thought I’d share some of my favourites from the film.

It’s pink and fluffy. Need I say more?

Lovely sleeves, and I love how it drapes.

Not the clearest image, but this is one of my favourites.

I want a yellow dress too!

All these images are from The Costumer’s Guide which is great because it divides period film and TV productions by era.

I’d love to have dresses like these, but in my flat I probably wouldn’t even be able to get out of the door, let alone swan around and swoon sufficiently. Watching Marie Antoinette has also reminded me how much I want to go to Versailles. It looks decadently amazing! It would be a pretty huge project, but I’m seriously considering making a period dress. I’d have nowhere to wear it to, but at least I’d feel amazing wearing it!


Vintage Burda

While messing around on the internet trying to put off doing a huge Russian translation I came across a site that has scanned issues of Burda from 1950-1988. It seems like not all of the magazines have their full content, but they’re still fun to look at.

I just love dirndls!

These are apparently ‘mumsy’ clothes. Could’ve fooled me!

I only went up to the late 50’s, but there are decades of fashion on this site. The website is Russian, but it’s easy to navigate. It’s also amazing to see how much advertising Burda used to have, and how many of the brands are still around today.
Now I’ve finished my work I can finally start planning my summer sewing!


I’ve got a new obsession – crochet. I did little bits before but over the past few days I’ve been doing hardly any knitting opting instead to crochet like a mad woman.
It started slowly with making a flower, then a hairband to attach the flower to and then for the hell of it another flower but this time in purple (pattern can be found here).
All those things were so quick to make I looked for bigger projects to conquer.
I decided to go for a cardigan (Drops 130-10) even though I’ve never followed a proper crochet pattern before and didn’t know half of the things on it. I started this on Friday.
Yoke & top of sleeves
I know I said I wouldn’t make anything else before I’ve finished other things, let alone the fact that it’s in lilac and everything I make seems to be blue, red or purple. I can only say I was in a new craft induced haze when I went out, purchased the yarn and started.
Yoke detail

Grandma hearts

Yesterday I finally got my laptop back and now I can actually use it without the power cord or an extra mouse plugged in. Free from the constraints of sitting at my mother’s computer in the hallway I raided my knitting box, found some unused red yarn and went to lay down on my bed and search Ravelry for inspiration. I decided I could do with some more crochet practice and saw this pattern for ‘Grandma hearts’. The whole tutorial has stage by stage instructions and corresponding pictures so I managed to finish it really quickly.
Grandma crochet heart
I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think it’ll be used as a hanging decoration, although my mum suggested making loads of them and turning them into a blanket. Somehow I don’t think that’ll be happening soon, especially not after looking in my stash and looking at the masses of projects I’ve got already. I do love how quickly you can finish crochet projects though!


I started this cardigan in March 2009.

Mrs Darcy

I made it up last summer and have never found buttons for it. I tried it on today and decided I just don’t think it’s flattering on me. 6 skeins of lovely bright red Rowan went into it and I’ve still got 1 left over.

I’m seriously considering frogging it and making it into something else that I’d be more likely to wear. It was the first garment I ever made so it’s not that well done, and there are some lovely patterns out there that I could make it into instead.

I could make ‘Vivian’ by Ysolda Teague

Or ‘Vaila’ by Gudrun Johnston

Or even the Drops jumper I liked from their last winter collection


There are so many lovely patterns out there. How’s a girl to choose?