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Birthday goodies

It was my 23rd birthday a few days ago, and I got some lovely presents. I received a voucher for Loop and a Moomin purse which was great.


It  reminded me that I wanted to try and crochet a moomin soonish.

I’ve also been attempting to grow some fruit and veg on my small balcony. My mum bought me 2 little starter pots for strawberries and tomatoes. The tomatoes have grown so quickly I really need to re-pot them and put them outside soon.

Strawb, tomato

I really like the tiny strawberry seedlings

Baby strawberry shoots

I’ve also finished 1 Veyla mitt. It was so quick to finish I wish I’d done it last year! It took me around 2 hours, maybe even less to finish it. It still needs a thumb, but I’ve started on the other one too. Got to get them finished before it’s too warm to even bother wearing them!


Tonight I’ll be going to my second ever Stitch London meeting and I’ve volunteered to teach one or two people the absolute basics of knitting. I’ve got no idea what project I’m going to take to work on, but I sure have enough WIP’s to get through!


About fredericaknits

I'm an avid knitter and i've just started writing my own designs. I'll be posting my designs and general crafty goodness.

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  1. Lovely mitts. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I’m in love with that shade of blue and your new wallet.

    -Vanessa (via Ravelry)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday and congrats on those mitts, they’re gorgeous!

  4. Cute mitt, I love the lace on the cuff!

  5. I made those mitts for my sister! But I have the most shameful confession: I gave her one completed mitt, but the other one languishes in my knitting bag two years later and all it needs is the thumb doing. Isn’t that dreadful?


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