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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Land of forgotten projects

I went through my knitting bag today. It’s got a few projects in it that I’d put to one side and forgotten about. I found a cabled brown jumper that I finished the main bit of ages ago, but couldn’t decide whether to keep it sleeveless as in the pattern, or to add sleeves.


It looks almost as long as a dress in this photo! It’s just a long top, but should it have sleeves?

I also found the lace project which made me so confused I had to restart it at least 6 times!

Spring trellis

It’s only slightly further on than it was when I first took this picture. Considering I spend so long thinking about all the future projects I want to make, I should really make an effort to get through some of the ones languishing in my various hiding places!


Rainy days

After one day of lovely sunshine we’re back to the rain today. Since I’ve been spending most of my crafting time working on the boy’s vest, I decided I needed some smaller projects to mindlessly work on when I get tired in the evenings.
Up until a few days ago I could only do single crochet, and badly. Now I’ve learned how to do double and treble crochet too.
I made a neckwarmer that, like all my neckwarmers, needs buttons. I did a simple pattern of single crochet, double crochet.


I think the pattern looks kind of floral, like roses.


During tiding and dusting the other day I thought it would be useful to have a little container to put my hair ties, accessories and earrings in. So I looked on Ravelry for a pattern and found a crocheted box. It’s all single crochet, so really simple, and I’ve already made one side. I’m going to fold the top down a little bit and might add edging in another colour.

Basket side1

It’s back to the Dr. G vest for me though. I’ m up to the armhole shaping on the back (I’ve made it extra long), but I’m going to have to work on it for hours a day to get it finished in time!

Parks and farms

This Saturday I visited a city farm especially to see their alpacas as I really want some. There were also massive turkeys, horses, pigs, giant and mini rabbits and funny chickens. I took a few too many pictures, but my favourite pens were definitely the alpacas (which were slightly smaller than I’d imagined)
and the Silkies are just too cute and funny looking to be left out
Getting there and back involved a long walk with only 1 or 2 sights, but the farm itself was fun.
Merton Abbey Mills
Sunday was spent in Crystal Palace. The park is laid out nicely and even has dinosaurs in the lake
Crystal palace
It’s sad to think that the sphinx statues and terraces are all that’s left of the original building. Judging by the size of it all, it must’ve been very impressive in its day. It’s a great place to look out over the south of the city.
Crystal palace
Crystal palace

The weekend reminded me of how much I want to have land and livestock of my own. Maybe one day I’ll be able to knit with alpaca yarn made from my own alpacas!

Dr G vest

I started on this vest in December, got through the ribbing and then put it down. Over the past few days I’ve been working on it every day and grappling with the cable chart is so much easier when you get into the swing of it and keep at it!
Dr G vest
As you can see, I’ve already had a hiccup with the cabling. Do not attempt to watch TV when on the cable row! It annoys me that it won’t look perfect, but I’m certainly not going to rib back that far. I think this will just have to be the back and the mistake will make it unique!