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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Oreo brownie goodness

Well it’s not knitting, sewing or even crochet related, but today I made yummy brownies! They’re really simple and quick to make.

Oreos in brownies are such a great idea!

They didn’t turn out quite as gooey as I’d hoped, but they’ve gone down well nonetheless.


If you want Oreo brownies of your own you can find the recipe here



I’ve started on the “It cannot fail to please” sweater. The K1,P1 ribbing took quite a while and I’m still a bit concerned about my gauge. I’ve decided not to go up to 3.25mm needles and am going to knit the whole thing in 2.5mm. So far I’ve done 1 pattern repeat. It’s a very simple pattern really, no difficult stitches or anything.

cannot fail 2

cannot fail 1



A stitch in time

I ordered myself some lovely new yarn from Colourmart. It’s made up of 45% cotton, 20% viscose, 15% merino, 15% angora and 5% cashmere. I got 4 150g cones in 2 colours: a purple-pink and a light blue. I’ve been wanting to make some of the lovely jumpers from “A Stitch in Time” for ages now, so I’ve finally started.

I’m making this one in the pinkey colour

it cannot fail to please

rosado mel

And this one in the light blue

such a debonair little jumper

celeste mel

I think I’m going to have to lengthen both of them to make sure they’re really wearable. I’ve also got to sort out my wardrobe and decide precisely what things I’ll be making this year, in what colours etc. But I reckon these jumpers will give me something to do for quite some time. 4 ply on 2.5mm needles!



I’ve been a fan of vintage style for years, but since I recently found out how much better the shape and cut of vintage clothes are for my body shape I’ve been addicted.

Yesterday my first vintage patterns came in the mail. I bought all 4 of them as a lot on Ebay. I’ll have to figure out the old patterns with their puncture holes and I’ll also have to size them up a little, but I’m optimistic. My favourites are the first 2 which I’ll probably attempt first.


Style pattern



Buying them reminded me of how much I need clothes that fit me, that I want to wear and will get use out of! I have a huge wardrobe of clothes ranging in size from XS-L, but the majority of my clothes I hardly ever wear. I’ve had several clear outs, but can never seem to get rid of some things just because I think I’ll wear them someday.

So my plan for this year is that I’ll make myself clothes that fit and flatter me and that I’ll be able to wear. It’s going to involve a fair bit of planning as I really have to make sure that the individual garments can be worn together as outfits. Hopefully this year will involve lots of sewing and knitting!



I thought I’d share a few pictures from my wintery travels. First there was Vienna which had some lovely Christmas lights

Vienna lights

Vienna lights

And a tiny pony that they made stand around in the cold all day without any food or water that I could see. It made me so sad that I had to document it

Cold pony

(It says “Please help the circus animals through the winter. Thank you!”)

I went to Heidelberg as I always do when I’m in Germany, and I finally got to see the Christmas markets there. There was also the most amazing Christmas decoration shop I’ve ever seen. It was like an elves wonderland, but I couldn’t take pictures in there.


Being stuck alone in Frankfurt airport really wasn’t fun. Even less fun will be the attempt to get my money back from British Airways! I could see this from my hotel window and as I’d just read “The Road” this kind of reminded me of the book.

The road