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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Travel madness

I’ve been stuck in Frankfurt for days now. I was meant to fly back to London on Sunday and then from London to Spain on Tuesday. 3 Cancelled flights and 2 nights in the most expensive room in an airport hotel and I’m finally in Spain. So now I won’t be spending Christmas alone, but my poor mother might if she can’t get a flight out of London.

Thankfully I’ve had a lot of assistance getting through this from my lovely miracle worker boyfriend. He can certainly complain until he gets flights booked! Also, random people helping me with my luggage at the airport were pretty key to my not breaking down and crying!

On the plus side, I did get a fair bit of knitting done. So my mum might get her Ishbel shawl by her birthday after all.


All knitted out!

I worked myself ragged trying to get the wedding cushion cover done before I came to Germany. It didn’t pay off, and now I’ve had a break from knitting to recover and had to translate more to up my bank balance a bit.
Must remember next year to plan ahead at least 3-4 months in advance. That would allow knitting and sewing time. As it is I’ll have to be knitting over the Christmas period to finish up things to give to people as belated presents when I return!

Maybe I should just start on next Christmas in Febuary?

Never knit something nice before Christmas

When I finished my Ishbel my mum saw it blocking and fell in love with it and requested one for her Christmas present. Not only this, but she said my aunt would love one too! So now I’ve got to make two more.

Finished Ishbel

I love my Ishbel, but making two more in rapid succession might be pushing it.

I bought yarn from Holst Garn in Surf (left) and Peacock (right) for my mum and aunt respectively.

Holst Garn

Surf and peacock

I’m already finished with the first section A of my mum’s Ishbel. I’m also working on a wedding present which I’ll put up when it’s at least 1/2 finished.