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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Vintage madness

I’ve been sewing a lot lately, and have also gone a bit mad for vintage everything. Hair and fashion in particular. So, I went traipsing around my local charity and vintage shops and came away with this skirt.

Vintage skirt front

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s so, so comfy! It was only £15. I’ve got no idea what decade it’s from, but it actually fits. Owing to my stupid measurements and 12″ difference between waist and hips, high-waisted skirts are usually either fine on the waist and straining on my hips, or baggy on the waist and perfect on the hips. This skirt has fully converted me to the wonders of vintage shopping. Plus it’s 100% wool so it’ll be good for winter.
On the sewing front I finished my second dress a few days ago. I used Simplicity pattern 3673 which was immensely easy. I like to wear it as a sort of pinafore dress, and as you can see I’ve even done my hair in pin curls (which I’m in love with!)

Grey dress

The only trouble was the zip at the back. Zips without zipper foots = garr! I had to finish the bottom of the zip by hand, so it’s a little squiffed, but pretty ok.

Grey dress

Next up on the sewing pile is a brown puffy skirt. I might have to postpone sewing for a while though as I remembered my massive list of knitting to get through by Christmas!



Eep, I’ve been a bad blogger! Well, not a lot of knitting’s been done since I last posted anyway. I did, however, graduate! It was pretty rubbish since we didn’t even get our certificates, plus my Russian department had a separate graduation date from the other modern languages which meant I was with hardly anyone I knew.

I also went to the iKnit Weekender which was great. There were so many beautiful things to buy. Thankfully my aunt came with me to restrain me!

I’ve also been using my mum’s sewing machine an awful lot. I cut and started this blouse about 4 months ago, but since finishing it I’ve become obsessed with sewing!

JJ blouse


It’s not the most flattering neckline in the world, and since I’m now a 36″ bust not a 34″, I doubt I’ll wear it a lot, but it was definitely educational.

So, I finished that project and instantly started another. I’d raided my mums old patterns and found a cute looking dress/smock pattern from the 70s. I bought some purple jersey to do it in, and after 2 days of work (see the increase in speed the obsession has brought about?) I had this very retro looking dress.

70s dress3

Oh yeh, I also pincurled my hair for the first time today. It didn’t work too well at the back, but considering I’ve been out on the windy streets of London for hours, it held up quite well!

Big sleeves!

It’s a bit more retro than I was going for, especially the collar, but hey, I made it and I’m proud of myself. Plus it gave me an excuse to wear those beautiful, but really painful shoes!

70s dress2

I’ll have to do another post soon of my knitting progress, as I’ve pretty much finished and massively adapted the Coffee Tunic and almost finished my first mitten design.