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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Slow progress

I’ve completely lost count of the amount of times I’ve restarted this shawl. It must be over 7. I’d get to row 18 and mess it up, or worse row 31 and then have to redo the whole thing. I couldn’t make sense of the instructions because it said repeat rows 23-30 as many times as you want, but each time you’ll end up with 1 more motif per side. So I assumed I had to repeat the chart twice per side of the spine. After several failed attempts I asked for help on Ravelry and was told you have to repeat the shaded area of the chart, not the rest of it. It makes sense now, but it would’ve saved me a lot of time and a little piece of my sanity if it had said that in the instructions!
Anyway, I’ve done 3 repeats now but it’s still slow progress.

Spring Trellis2

After 1 repeat I start to think I’m going a bit nuts with all these YO’s!

On a more happy note I’ve been obsessing over clearance bargain yarn online. I made a list of everything I’d want to buy and what I’d make with it all. The downside is that it would come to £130. This would make about 4 jumpers and maybe a shawl or a cowl, but since I don’t have a very stable source of income at the moment I’m hesitant to buy it all. Why must it be so tempting?!


New goodies

The boyfriend scarf is finally finished! I finished it a few days ago after countless hours of K1,P1. It’s now long enough to go twice around my neck and still hang down on either side, so it should be enough for the boy!

Boyfriend scarf

I’ve been trying my hand at baking lately. I made so much batter I had enough to make 2 batches of muffins over 2 days. The first lot were banana and maple syrup and the second were blueberry.


I’d really like to make some cakes now, but I don’t think my waistline would appreciate the constant supply of baked goods!

I went to Loop the other day. I love the new shop. It’s so bright and comfortable, and the range of yarns is just too tempting.

Loopy goodness

I gave in and bought 5 skeins of Berocco Ultra Alpaca for the boy’s Christmas vest. I figured I’d buy more just in case because they told me I can always bring back any unused skeins which is handy.


I’m thinking I’ll do Dr G’s Memory Vest to jazz up the more basic colour choice. I should probably start this quite soon to make sure I get through my Christmas list.

Drops Winter 2010

I’ve recently had a look through the newest Drops patterns, and thought I’d share my favourites. My mum’s already requested this first one as a Christmas present. But she wants it in black and significantly shorter.


I quite like the foot stools, especially in the vibrant pink, but I don’t have any space for them in this tiny flat!


This jumper is at the front of my winter queue. I’m going to order the wool from SKD and do it with long sleeves.


I’m also quite liking this jumper. It looks nice and warm, but I don’t think I’d make it in white


My winter knitting pile is definitely mounting up! So far I need to finish my Coffee Tunic, make the cardigan for my mum, a vest for the boy, a jumper for myself, finish 2 pairs of mittens that I’ve got on the go and the lace shawl I’ve barely started! Phew! All that and attempt to do enough translation to live on. Good job my work is flexible!


The grey seed stitch scarf I’m making for my boyfriend just refuses to be finished! I got through the first cone, but it didn’t seem long enough, so now I’m working my way through the second. Seed stitch seems to take me forever!

Bf scarf1

I’ve also made some headway with the Coffee Tunic. I’ve divided for front and back and finished the back piece.

Coffe tunic divided

Just another 5″ or so to go and then it’s on to the ribbing. I’m also thinking, since I’ve got so much of the brown yarn left, that I might make it a long sleeved jumper.

Coffee tunic back

For now it’s back to K1, P1!