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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Library goodness

I went to the Westminster Reference Library for the first time today just to go and look at “A Stitch In Time”. So many jumpers I want to knit from that book! Must buy it when it comes back in stock on Amazon.

The weather is finally nice here. Hot, sunny and hell on the transport. Otherwise lovely!

Sadly I don’t think I’ll get much knitting done this coming week. The boy made me a promise that if I make €500 in the next week doing translation then we’ll go to America at some point this year. We haven’t decided on where yet. I kind of want to drive across America, but he’d have to do all the driving and that’d probably work out really expensive. I do want to go to the south though…or maybe California? Hmm. I just like to think about all the shops. All that yarn and all those clothes!


All new

I looked through my knitting box today and realised I have a huge queue of projects. It’s either stuff I half started, or folded down pages in magazines, let alone the queue on Ravelry! Despite all that I’m spending ages working on my own designs. I never thought it would be this fun. I love being able to make something I’ve imagined.

I’m working on the New Moon vest, but that’ll probably take a while yet. On the more well drafted end is my first pair of mittens. I’ll post pictures as I go, but so far I’ve done the chart and knitted the cuff.